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Books & Puzzles are one of the largest suppliers of cheap books, jigsaw puzzles and wasjigs in the south west. There are many, many bargains. Some of the prices are so low they appear to be silly!

We carry a large amount of stock for books and jigsaws and portable jigsaws and what we have to offer is what you can see.

We have six outlets that you can visit and can also arrange visits at places of work if that is what you need and people are interested in what we have to offer.

Our books are excellent value and they may be upto 75% cheaper than in normal bookshops.

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So, if you want to buy some books at ridiculous prices, or some jigsaws also at ridiculous prices come and see us.

We have sales from time to time when the prices are even better than normal! That is more than a bargain, it is a giveaway!

If you are passing, please come and see us.

You will always find something you would like to buy!

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